Cannabis seeds scams can cover the wool over the consumers eyes. How does someone know (100%) all the seeds arriving are the actual product ordered? The answer is to make small test orders. Planting seeds will expose the genetics enabling you to identify the strain type. As the plant grows the leaves will help identify the strain as indica, sativa or a combination thereof. The flowering stage will reveal the aromas of the terpenes. The terpenes help identify the genetics as floral, fruity, piney, earthy, spicy, or sweet. Time will expose the marijuana strain genetic reality.

Cannabis Seeds Maturity Lies

Cannabis seeds lies in maturity can be seen with the naked eye. Seeds should be brown to dark brown, not light brown or greenish. Mature seeds have black tiger stripes or spots. You’re at the mercy of the seed shop integrity. What looks like mature seeds on a website may not appear the same in your shipment you receive. It really sucks trying to send immature back, vendors refuse and ignore those who complain.