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Scam Cannabis will teach you how to buy marijuana online and marijuana seeds with knowledge of cannabis scams, hoaxes, frauds, and lies. Learn how to buy real marijuana and marijuana seeds with confidence. Don't get screwed for your money, Scam Cannabis will alert you to online truths and myths. Explore the new buzzes in smoking pleasure when you find out how to buy designer buds legally in the form of 100% natural legal bud. Enjoy secure online or mail in ordering with very discrete worldwide shipping. Find the true story about cannabis online.

Welcome to Scam Cannabis, a free service that seeks ways to expose the truth about real marijuana cannabis websites. Since the year 2000 this domain has been showing people how to learn how to buy marijuana and marijuana seeds online from the best dealers, breeders, growers and distributors. Scam Cannabis is established to alert online cannabis buyers of prior complaints and dishonest techniques. Buy marijuana with confidence and knowledge. The Internet is full of misinformation and getting worse. To buy real marijuana anywhere is difficult. It's easy to make false messages look real and credible. It is easy to be scammed by cannabis impostors. A new rage these days is to buy marijuana alternatives that come with the same great taste and smells of real marijuana and is 100% legal herbal smoke. Beware the closet marijuana grower and cannabis cartoon artists who make their own commercial websites. They create their own marijuana seeds ratings pages to make themselves look good online and the competition bad. Then they create elaborate marijuana seeds social media forums and block out the competition from responding to false accusations. A good purchase practice is to obtain cannabis buds and cannabis seeds on your own, from reputable marijuana dispensaries and cannabis seedbanks, using the following good buying techniques.

Read on and you'll find out how to weed out and avoid the cannabis charlatans. We'll help you learn more about buying recreational marijuana, medical marijuana and finding the best marijuana seeds by sifting through the rhetoric. Purchasing online should be safe and fun. Buy marijuana with knowledge. Scam Cannabis 24/7 monitors the cannabis message boards, cannabis newsgroups, cannabis bulletin boards, marijuana blogs, pot lovers social networks, kewl newspapers, and phat magazines.

Scam Cannabis Contents

Cannabis Culture Message Boards

BEWARE and CAUTION. The majority of cannabis culture message board forums are harsh consumer traps. They are very messed up with misinformation. A single person can post many cannabis messages under different names. A common pathetic way to try to control the Internet "buzz" about a company is to try to control the message forums. The MAJORITY of cannabis messages turn out to be hoaxes. Fraudsters pretend to reveal unethical business practices. Imposters hang out daily trying to make believe someone else is doing it. Message boards are so completely messed up with misinformation they are no longer a source of reliable accurate cannabis culture consumer information. The biggest source of these types of scam techniques are websites like marijuana seedbanks that create their own message forum so they can control the Internet "buzz" about themselves and the competition. It is then mainly used by the cannabis seedbanks to bash the competition and cover up their own inadequacies. Legitimate postings always get erased and the competition can't defend itself. It is really easy to spot and quite a pathetic attempt to fool people.
Message board moderators are supposed to be impartial but the biggest consumer complaint is the erasing of legitimate cannabis postings in an attempt to control what people see. Moderators will erase good growing cannabis messages and leave up only those he/she likes, which leads to bias boards and only get links to buy cannabis from them. Nearly 95% of all cannabis message boards are under the control and ownership of cannabis seed bank companies and paid cannabis advertisers. Just because a message board has a good .com name attached to it doesn't mean the message forum is impartial. BEWARE, the biggest fraud out there is the marijuana seeds message forums, they are virtually 100% misinformation. The same people will hang out for YEARS in the growing marijuana seeds message forums making themselves look important, filling the message boards with lies and deception.

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Marijuana News Groups and Social Media

Cannabis Newsgroups are notorious for one or two people trying to control everyone who wants to participate. The cannabis discussions are now purely advertising and commercial in nature. Again the misinformation is enormous and growing. Use common sense.
You will not know for certain who you're dealing with or whether they're credible because many cannabis news groups and marijuana social media allow users to hide their identity behind multiple 420 aliases. Because your name is now in "red" means absolutely nothing. People claiming to be unbiased observers who've carefully researched the company may actually be their competition bad mouthing them, or paid promoters, or owners of rival marijuana seedbanks trying to control the "buzz" on that particular message board. A big complaint coming in is about individuals working for cannabis seedbanks who will hang out all day long at message forums or newsgroups to catch the "newbie" and try to influence the mind with misinformation so you purchase their marijuana seeds and cannabis products.
With the soaring popularity of social media, online networking services are the latest fodder for online scams. Social media is known for easily tracking you on the internet. Keep your eyes open to avoid malware and commercial viruses passed on through video and sound files. If you are not an open type person, stay away from social media, everyone will know your business, you give up privacy.

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Brain Resin Marijuana Honey Oil

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Cannabis Search Engines

Cannabis Search Engines make it so easy to advertise and list a bad company, with the search engine doing little or no backup research. You really have to research what you find at any cannabis search engine. There have been complaints from rival search engines that others are blatantly copying style and content. Webmasters will make up their own top ten lists and manipulate the standings. Url submissions are not being accepted because the webmaster is biased. There is a big number of complaints about multiple acceptance of the same url under a different disguise. Many cannabis search engine categories contain numerous dead links. The number of listings they state on their websites are exaggerated and false. Our research found claims of over 5000 cannabis links by one cannabis search engine to be over 50% inaccurate. Of the over 5000 websites claimed to be linked, 22% were dead links, 17% were duplicate entry pages, 15% were under construction and 7% websites of absolutely no value.

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Marijuana Seeds

The majority of marijuana seeds consumer complaints are about the constant commercial seedbank vs. seedbank manipulation of cannabis seeds message boards and cannabis seeds newsgroups making them 99% full of misinformation. There are also complaints about false marijuana seeds ratings pages, too many of them are popping up and not doing a proper impartial analysis. Posted photos of types of marijuana can be misleading. It comes down to buying seeds, growing them and then comparing your result to posted photographs to really know if what you bought is the advertised strain. A great purchase practice is to buy a small amount of seeds, don't waste your money.
The majority of marijuana seedbanks' complaints, (about you the 420 consumer), are customers send bad or misspelled addresses causing orders to come back to the seedbank as undeliverable, therefore taking months to resolve. Companies complain customers are not polite when asking for help. The best thing to do when trying to deal with a company is not swear and threaten, but rather be persistent and polite.

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Cannabis Seedbanks Ratings

Marijuana seeds ratings pages are designed to fool the first time buyer because they are the easiest thing to manipulate. What a joke, cannabis seedbanks rating pages are owned and controlled by numerous dubious marijuana seedbanks trying to control the Internet "buzz" to make themselves look good and the competition look bad. Don't let anyone fool you with manipulated cannabis seeds ratings pages or some fancy name. Some person saying they have been at this for years is an immediate red flag for you. No one can tell if a good or bad report is real and credible. Misinformation on the Internet starts with cannabis seeds ratings pages. One ratings page will claim a company is bad and another ratings page will claim it is good. It is prudent not to listen to anyone putting marijuana seeds ratings up on the Internet. You have to do your own homework and discover where to get good marijuana seeds for yourself. What's interesting is not one marijuana seedbank ratings page will list all the marijuana seedbanks at once.

Marijuana Seeds
Marijuana Seeds

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Buy Marijuana Online

To buy marijuana online can be deceiving. Everyone is starting to build "Buy Marijuana" websites with links that don't actually lead you to buy real marijuana. They lead you to buy marijuana alternatives that get you feeling a different buzz. (see Buy Legal Buds below) Some of the alternative (designer) products are alright, they can even stretch your stash when added to the real thing. Prices to buy marijuana online is getting very low and a safe alternative to street prices. Simply be aware to actually buy real marijuana online is a crap shoot and very risky. The new designer marijuana alternatives can get you just a buzz as to buy real marijuana. The best way to real marijuana is to grow your own and start with good marijuana seeds. Otherwise buy marijuana online with extreme caution. It is becoming legal and many are openly selling marijuana on the web. (see Medical Marijuana Dispensaries below).

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Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Medical marijuana is fast becoming the new rage in cannabis consumption. Medical pot is now a government licensed reality. The best place to buy marijuana is at a marijuana dispensary in your area. An experienced cannabis grower can make good money everyday growing perfectly legal weed. In Canada a person goes to the doctor , gets a prescription for marijuana, then finds a grower who in turn gets a license to grow from the government. The grower harvests legal cannabis and sells it to the prescription holder. In California it seems all you need is some kynde of doctor note and you can buy real marijuana from a legal medicinal dispensary set up in many towns and cities. On a recent trip to California we personally witnessed sign walkers advertising on city streets for people to visit the local marijuana dispensary. Medicinal online websites can lead you to your local marijuana dispensary. Get ready for country wide legalization.

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Marijuana Reviews

Marijuana reviews are starting to become prevalent on the world wide web as marijuana prohibition ends. Legalization of marijuana around the world has seen marijuana genetics reach astronomical heights in numbers. Reviews of cannabis can be found to be overwhelming with the so many kinds of weed to look at and study. The things to look out for are bias reviews promoting their own weed. You will see the same rhetoric written over and over for different kyndes, sometimes going as far as using the same photos for different strains. Doctored photographs are a source of deceit. Manipulated videos will appear incomplete with misinformation. Tons of the marijuana reviews are too short and very inconsistent with other reviews. Just because some cannabis review website does a new weed review everyday to build it's database does not mean they are accurate or informative. You may want to lean towards those who actually use and review the products. Over time if you study for consistent details throughout many reviews you'll eventually come to some good conclusions. Get to know some real good growers with established genetics. Get to know a good online store with a credibility. Use your learning skills to discover which marijuana product reviews that can really assist you in purchasing herbs, concentrates, equipment, supplies and cool paraphernalia.

Marijuana Grinder User Reviews
Marijuana Grinder Reviews

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Buy Legal Buds

When people refer to "Legal Buds" it is starting to mean herbs other than marijuana. These herbs can be salvia divinorum and kava that produce sedative and anesthetic properties. They can induce psychoactive qualities such as visions and hallucinations. Some legal bud companies are combining many types of new herbs to produce a combination of mind and body effects. The buds can look like marijuana but they are definitely not cannabis. Don't be mislead into thinking you are purchasing real marijuana. Legal bud stores also name their buds close to names of marijuana strains.

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How to make an Online Purchase

A good cannabis online product order purchasing practice is to start with contacting a company with a question and/or a small order, just to see if you get a response. If it comes through, enlarge your order the next time but not by too much. A good example is to try a few cannabis seedbanks and discover the best one for you. Money orders, cheques, credit cards, pay pal and western union are all easy to use. It's a smart buy cannabis purchasing practice is to start off small and find a reliable cannabis vendor by placing a few small orders with different companies. You'll always find someone willing to deliver to anywhere in the world. Privacy should be #1 on your mind at all times.

Marijuana Dictionary
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Prevention Tips and Defense Strategies

The biggest question we get is how to avoid purchasing false items on the Internet. Here are the best helpful tips to avoid being taken:

If someone boasts how long they have been in the business, that is an immediate warning sign. They should be concentrating on their service and quality, not bragging about how long they have been around.

Ask yourself, "Who will se my actions?", know the complete value of your online transaction, ask yourself "Do I want this purchase?"

Don't ever buy an item via bulk email ("spam"). Chances of being scammed are 90% or better. There is a 45% chance you'll really get what you ordered and a less than 10% chance you will be happy with the transaction. Spam is scam.

Try to conduct business anonymously, be a little cautious if the seller relies on an email service. Of course, most people who use these services are honest but for the human touch, one of the best private ways to communicate is by mailing a letter. Legitimate businesses can easily be verified.

Use common sense and trust your intuition. Remember, to buy marijuana is still considered a common street practice. If you have a funny feeling about an item, don't buy it. If you see cartoons instead of a real picture of what your buying, that should be a warning sign of fraud.

Be careful of those who use "aliases" or 'nicknames". Pseudonyms are common on-line, and some people will to try to hide their true identity. It is easy to be an imposter. Search for other promotions by the same person using an alias.

Take your time. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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Beware of Authority

Websites create authority content for search engine ranking, false or otherwise. Authority is also created to make a website look credible in their particular industry. This unauthorized authority could be the result of one person sitting in a basement with no credibility at all. Suddenly "authority" is created out of the thin blue sky. "I'm an authority, this website is your authority to weed". Beware, do some homework, take authority with a grain of salt. There has to be some kind of concrete fact or proof. Don't just take somebody's word as gospel, your best defense is to arm yourself with information.

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Hashish Center

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Credit Card Use and Abuse

We have received complaints recently about the unauthorized charging of credit cards resulting from site visitors joining up for free trial periods or trial periods at discounted costs. In each case the bogus site charges unauthorized amounts to the visitors credit card. In some cases the bogus site fails to tell you that your failure to cancel the membership during the free or discounted trial period results in the automatic activation of a full-time membership. Many of the credit card scams are occurring at adult websites. Merchants should be posting fraud alert signs on their websites, stating fraud will be followed up and taken care of by the feds.

Remember these tips:

Never give out your credit card number and address unless purchasing an item online with a well known site.

Be suspicious of any site that requires your credit card number for age verification. This usually is a common scam at adult sites.

There is no reason to give your credit card number for a free trial period.

Be cautious at sites that offer a discount introductory trial period, especially online adult sites.

Always read the fine print to determine how to cancel your trial offers or memberships. Some free trial periods actually require you to join a 3 month membership as a minimum.

Review your credit card invoices upon receipt to for any unauthorized purchases and report any discrepancies to your credit card issuer.

If, after you have reported any crammed expenses to your credit card issuer, your credit card issuer is still permitting similar crammed expenses showing up on your card, cancel your card.

Use as few credit cards as possible and destroy and cancel ones that you don't use frequently. A good idea is to designate one credit card with a small credit line for purchasing on the web.


Cannabis products and issues discussed on this website are opinions of individuals made on the basis of information found at sites and locations which are all referenced and linked, as well as conversations and correspondence with people believed to be honest and accurate. No certain claims, opinions or comments are made regarding any of these products, their web pages, marketing group, manufacturer, founders, or sales representatives. Use of trademarks, copyrighted graphics or text are all represented in strict accordance with law.

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