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Welcome to Scam Cannabis, a free service that seeks ways to expose the truth about real marijuana cannabis websites. Since the year 2000 this domain has been teaching people how to buy marijuana strains and real marijuana seeds online. Utilizing safe and secure procedures to help you save your money. Scam Cannabis is established to gather online scam alerts utilizing prior buyer complaints, dishonest techniques and common sense results. Learn to buy marijuana with confidence and knowledge. The Internet is full of misinformation and getting worse. We’ll help you avoid the scams, frauds, and lies that permeate the industry. It’s easy to make false messages look real and credible. It’s easy to be scammed by cannabis impostors. A new rage these days is to buy marijuana alternatives that come with the same great taste and smells that mimic real marijuana. The substitutes are 100% legal herbal smoke but it’s not marijuana.

Beware the closet marijuana grower and cannabis cartoon artists who make their own commercial websites. They create their own marijuana seeds ratings pages to make themselves look good online and the competition bad. Then they create elaborate marijuana seeds social media forums and block out the competition from responding to false accusations. A good purchase practice is to obtain cannabis buds and cannabis seeds on your own, from reputable marijuana dispensaries and cannabis seed banks, using the following good buying techniques.

Buy Marijuana Online

A good cannabis online product order purchasing practice is to start with contacting a company with a question and/or a small order, just to see if you get a response. If it comes through, enlarge your order the next time but not by too much. A good example is to try more than one cannabis seed bank or marijuana retailer to discover the best one for you. Money orders, cheques, bank wire transfers, credit cards, BitCoin PayPal and Western Union are all easy payment options. You’ll always find someone willing to deliver to anywhere in the world. Privacy should be #1 on your mind at all times.

We’ll help you learn more about buying recreational marijuana, medical marijuana and finding the best marijuana seeds by sifting through the rhetoric for you. Purchasing online should be safe and fun. Buy marijuana online with knowledge and experience. Scam Cannabis 24/7 monitors the cannabis social media, marijuana dictionary, cannabis bulletin boards, marijuana blogs, pot lovers social networks, kewl Internet newspapers, and phat online magazines. Read our posts and you’ll find out how to weed out and avoid the cannabis charlatans.